TEAK STORY is Indonesian brand and founded in Indonesia.
We are growing up with wood surrounding us and have been manufacturing woods product for over so many years ago.
We saw so many traditional Java house in Indonesia that being demolished as result part of modernization, the last generation want to build a house with new house in modern way.
Java house is part of Indonesia’s tradition and as an Indonesian manufacturer, we are contribute to creating and designing product from these material and establishing factory that specialize manufacturing recycled teak wood.
We implemented our love to tradition by making product from these heritage, we turning every part of these precious material into paneling, decoration or interior surfaces, and here they are, our wood wall cladding which came in variant design.

Our reclaimed wood wall paneling are produce by handmade, they were made patiently each pieces by pieces and one by one.
We combine our precious material by process them with our high skill craftsman to delivered finished product in masterpiece result.


Some of our raw material also came from the old boat, the salvaged boat. These old boat have beautiful splashes colour, antique and rustic looking.

We see these beautiful pieces and collect them for proceed becoming our  wood wall panelling.


Some of our raw materials are come from an old sites and public building in the past, one of them is an old bridge that made from recycled teak wood.

These bridge is traditional public sites that has important function in transportation in their decades, connecting people from one place into another place.

Time has goes by and these traditional sites has replace with new and modern public sites, We collect these precious material for re-creating them into our wood wall panel and interior surfaces’s product.

We are really appreciate and loving every step by step of processing our recycled teak product since the way we gaining raw material until it becoming final product of wood wall cladding.
Based on the way we obtained of our material, we can say every pieces of our product is unique and has history, they have story to tell behind,
Proud to be made in Indonesia